Who Is Not a Perfect Candidate for Invisalign?

Who Is Not a Perfect Candidate for Invisalign?
January 1, 2022

Earlier, you had the bulky metal and wire braces to correct problems with your teeth if you had crooked, rotated and significantly gapped teeth. Times changed since the late 90s when Align Technologies introduced a revolutionary alternative for correcting malformed teeth with Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign is currently the front-runner for adults that want to straighten their teeth without the burden of a mouthful of metal in their mouths. The discreet aligners allow people to straighten their teeth without being visible in their mouths. Regrettably, everyone is not a candidate for Invisalign treatment. Understanding whether you are a perfect candidate for Invisalign becomes more manageable if you visit Valley View Dental — Stockton for an assessment to understand better.

The Invisalign Process: a Closer Look

The Invisalign process is an excellent alternative for people with mild to moderate malocclusion conditions with their teeth. Invisalign treats issues with underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and crowded teeth. When you visit Invisalign in Stockton, the professional at the facility assesses your situation using state-of-the-art technology to determine your suitability for the treatment. If you have complicated problems with the conditions mentioned, the professional recommends you seek orthodontic treatment using metal brackets and wires.

Besides assessing your teeth, the professional also looks at other factors that may disqualify you from receiving Invisalign treatment. For example, if you are affected by tooth decay or gum disease, you must get these conditions treated before moving forward with Invisalign. Furthermore, temporomandibular joint problems or missing teeth restorations like dental bridges or implants make treatment with Invisalign more challenging.

So long as you have minor dental issues, the dentist near me can work with you to correct them to make you a suitable candidate for this therapy. However, if you have severe problems that need other corrective measures, you become unsuitable for Invisalign treatment.

Why Choose Valley View Dental — Stockton Clinic for Invisalign

The Dentist in Stockton, CA, is a certified Invisalign provider with the technology needed to assess your teeth by taking accurate images of them with 3D intraoral scanners for Align Technologies to create your customized clear aligners. The dentist works with you during the assessment and throughout the duration of the treatment.

Invisalign treatment isn’t as easy as it seems because, despite the removable feature of the clear aligners, there are stipulations you must follow if you desire straighter teeth with comfortable dental-grade plastic aligners instead of a mouthful of metal. The treatment can cause minor discomfort in your mouth every fortnight when you must replace the existing set of aligners in your mouth with a new batch. However, you don’t need monthly visits to the Stockton dentist because you merely replace the aligners instead of tightening them. Yes, the aligners are removable for eating and maintaining proper oral hygiene. However, they must remain on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours a day without exceptions. You may think the flexibility is convenient to remove the aligners from your mouth whenever you feel like it. However, in doing so, you compromise the treatment and may require more aligners than initially planned. Therefore compliance with the stipulations is incredibly essential if you want your treatment to complete within the specified timeline.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment If You Are Suitable for the Therapy

If you are suitable for Invisalign therapy and complete the treatment successfully, you must ensure your teeth do not move back to their original positions, which can happen in most cases, even with traditional braces. The Stockton dentist recommends you wear a retainer resembling the clear aligners over your teeth to keep them in their correct positions. Initially, you receive a recommendation to wear the retainers throughout the day. After that, the dentist recommends you wear them for a few hours and finally only at night. The retainer is also removable, like the aligners giving you the flexibility of not having them over your teeth. However, if you neglect to wear the retainer, you may soon see crooked teeth in your mouth all over again.

If you are not dedicated to Invisalign therapy, you are not a perfect candidate for the treatment. You achieve better results by having traditional braces attached to your teeth for the entire treatment because they are nonremovable. Therefore if you intend to receive Invisalign treatment, it helps if you visit the Stockton dentist for the assessment and collect all information on the requirements before committing to Invisalign therapy.