Root canal therapy is the most common endodontic procedure performed. To clarify, more than 14 million people undergo tooth-saving treatment every year. If you have a deep tooth infection, your Stockton dentist may recommend endodontic care near you. As a result, you will avoid extraction and won’t need to replace a missing natural tooth.

Signs of a Pulp Infection

The center of every tooth houses the inner pulp. This soft substance is comprised of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. It nourishes the tooth from root to crown. Severe decay, dental trauma, chips or cracks, or multiple dental procedures can lead to a pulp infection. Signs of an inner tooth infection include swelling, pain, increased sensitivity to hot and cold, and visible injury.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call Valley View Dental right away and meet with one of our dentists. Chances are, you need endodontic care to eliminate the diseased pulp and restore your oral health.

Root Canal Treatment Near Me

Endodontic procedures are performed routinely and are nothing to fear. First, your dentist or endodontist removes the entire contents of the pulp chamber. Then we clean, disinfect and seal the hollow area with filling material. Root canals are performed under local anesthesia, and it may take one or more visits to complete. It all depends on the number of teeth and the complexity of the case. But rest assured, about 90 percent of root canal treatments are successful. If there is a likelihood that the therapy will be unsuccessful, your dentist in Stockton, CA, will suggest another approach. Feel free to contact our endodontist near you with any questions or concerns.

Stockton, CA Endodontist Near You

Valley View Dental is a team of highly trained and experienced dental professionals. We provide our patients in the Stockton area with advanced equipment such as 3D Cone Beam imaging. Our dentists also use special microscopes to locate and treat the entire root canal chamber. Endodontic treatment combined with a protective dental restoration can add many years to a tooth that would have otherwise been removed. Get in touch with our Stockton, CA dental practice today to schedule an appointment.