How Does an Endodontic Diagnosis Change Your Life Forever?

How Does an Endodontic Diagnosis Change Your Life Forever?

March 1, 2023

If you visit the dentist near me complaining about severe toothache and sensitivity to pain and temperatures in a specific tooth, the dentist will likely contemplate you might need a root canal or other endodontic treatment. They might even indicate an infection inside your tooth, causing discomfort.

Kindly do not presume the dentist will schedule your root canal immediately without diagnosing your infection to create a personalized treatment plan for you and your teeth. The diagnosis sequence varies depending on your primary complaint and your medical history. However, it is crucial because it provides the dentist with the necessary information and will prepare you for treatment later.

This article explains endodontic diagnosis comprehensively to help you understand how it can change your life and assist in preserving your natural tooth.

Why Are Endodontic Diagnoses Crucial to a Successful Treatment?

Although the dentist near by feels you might need a root canal after hearing your complaints, they cannot schedule any endodontic procedure for you until they examine the specific tooth and the extent of the damage it has suffered.

Endodontic treatment needs a comprehensive diagnosis to become successful, and the examination is better performed before any procedure and not later. For example, endodontic treatment is not merely about performing root canals but also involves understanding the reasons behind the infection in your tooth to ensure you never have to endure similar circumstances again.

Root canal treatments are performed every day by Endodontists, unlike dentists performing a couple of root canals a week. Root canals are straightforward endodontic procedures to eradicate dental pulp infections by drilling your tooth, removing the dental pulp, claiming cleaning the canals before filling, and sealing them to complete the treatment in one or two visits to eliminate the pain you experience in your tooth. However, before suggesting a root canal, the dentist in Stockton, CA, must assess the damage in your tooth to ensure you don’t develop a similar infection after undergoing a painful procedure to eliminate pain from an illness.

Therefore if Stockton dentist anticipates you might need a root canal, kindly prepare yourself for some diagnostic tests during your visit.

What Kinds of Tests Are Used in Endodontic Diagnosis?

Endodontists perform various tests before determining whether they can eliminate the discomfort you experience performing a root canal or if you need additional procedures to prevent long-term complications. Therefore following tests are conducted by the dental office near me before scheduling your procedure for any endodontic therapy. The tests they perform include the following:

Visual Exam: the Stockton dental professional will initially perform a visual exam looking for signs of infection, awkward bite, facial asymmetry, or other indicators, which isn’t their primary source of diagnosis but helps them recognize the problem. The dentist will discuss your symptoms, the location and timing of the pain, and other aspects of your overall health and history to know you better and provide treatment.

Information About Your Primary Complaint: Although experienced Endodontists are dental specialists, they consider you a person, not just a patient. Their essential diagnostic tools include various testing techniques to derive personal information on your experience. Therefore expect to answer questions from the endodontist and provide honest answers for the best results.

History of Your Complaint: a crucial step during the diagnosis is for the endodontist to understand your symptoms comprehensively. What you say helps them conclude their diagnosis. Therefore they might ask you several questions, including the following:

  • Can you describe the sensitivity you experience?
  • Are your teeth sensitive to temperatures?
  • Have you taken any antibiotics or painkillers to combat the situation?
  • Does the discomfort worsen at specific times of the day or night?
  • Does the discomfort awaken you at night?
  • Are you affected by bruxism?

Similarly, many other questions about endodontics in Stockton, CA, will require answers before determining whether an endodontic procedure is essential to eliminate your discomfort.

Imaging: imaging is crucial for all dentists, including Endodontists. State-of-the-art imaging tools allow these specialists to view inside your tooth because root canals are tiny, requiring these professionals to rely on imaging and enlarging the area have a detailed view of a clear picture inside your tooth.

Dental Pulp Testing: Endodontists perform various tests on your dental pulp to determine its vitality and assess the severity of your infection before suggesting a treatment. As mentioned earlier, the endodontist must clean the insides of your affected tooth by removing the infected dental pulp. When the professional gains thorough information about your tooth, they can make the treatment more comfortable. Therefore Endodontists perform thermal tests on the cervical aspect of your tooth, the portion where the thinnest part of the enamel is close to the pulp.

Periapical Tests: Endodontists also perform Periapical tests to assess your bite to help them locate the infected tooth and determine how far the infection has progressed. They might use their hands or tools when performing a periapical test.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you need more information about endodontic treatments like root canals, consider seeking treatment from a specialist like an endodontist. Visit the dentist’s office near me, having state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic tools because the diagnosis of your condition changes your life forever by enabling you to keep your natural tooth instead of getting it extracted. If you think a root canal is painful, you might find the diagnosis requires more time than you imagine because the endodontist must pinpoint the source of your problem before deciding to open your tooth for preservation.

If you need a root canal, kindly do not hesitate to consult Valley View Dental — Stockton with the latest state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic tools to provide compassionate care by prioritizing minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Contact them today to get your tooth examined and diagnosed before accepting a suggestion to have a root canal.

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